Toren’s Guide to Star Trek: Voyager Season 4

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The Borg send a drone that just happens to be human to work with the Voyager crew on a weapon that can defeat their nemesis, Species 8472. Despite the fact that they are from another dimension, Kes communicates with them telepathically. The Voyager-Borg alliance prevails but the borg double-cross forces Janeway to destroy all but Seven of Nine. 6.5/10


Once stripped of her human identity by the borg, Seven now has her borg identity stripped by Janeway. This causes an ethical dilemma for The Doctor but luckily not for Janeway. Meanwhile Kes’ mental powers are blossoming dangerously and we finally get a conversation between Neelix and Kes about their mysterious breakup. Kes explodes into who-knows-where but not before sending the ship out of Borg space with her powers. 6.5/10


Paris and B’ellana get mushy in space suits while marooned in space. 5/10


Chakotay becomes involved in a war but it’s really an illusion to condition him to be a soldier. 5/10


The Doctor and Torres have to fight an alien holographic slave that hates biological life. 6/10


In this episode we learn that Seven can do the Vulcan nerve pinch on a Vulcan and hey, why not? We also learn that Voyager just happens to be on a course that intersects with Seven’s parent’s spaceship that was assimilated by the borg. That kind of makes sense since they are heading back to the Alpha Quadrant, but the idea that “Annika Hansen’s” half-assimilated ship was dragged by the Borg from Romulan space to Borg space is a bit much. 6/10


An invisible alien race performs Joseph Mengele-level experiments on the crew. 7.7/10

YEAR OF HELL (2 parts)

Clarence Boddicker (Kurtwood Smith) is totally obsessed with mucking around with time so that his family doesn’t die. Voyager goes through many hardships until it’s all undone at the end like it never happened! 7/10


An alien society of telepaths has learned to purge all violent thought. Right? No, of course not. Torres is charged with thought-crime and sentenced to brain-purging, which I guess is bad. Tuvok finds out there’s a black market of dark thoughts. Kind of cool! 6/10.


John Rhys Davies is a holographic Leonardo Da Vinci that an alien burglar steals from Voyager. Janeway enlists Da Vinci to thwart his new alien patron “prince” so that they can recover Voyager’s main computer, also stolen. Ridiculous and annoying. 5/10.


Neelix dies and has to come to terms with the fact that there’s no afterlife and his dreams of seeing his dead family there will never come true. Genuinely touching. 8/10.


The crew are trapped in a communal nightmare by a race of aliens that exist in dreams. Well that doesn’t really make sense, but at least the aliens have a good reason for what they’re doing. Oh wait, no not really. 5/10.


For some reason sending the holographic doctor is more successful than sending a message along a network of alien sensor stations that lead into the Alpha quadrant. Of all the millions of alien ships they could find in the alpha quadrant they manage to find a Starfleet vessel. But not just any Starfleet vessel – a brand new experimental warship! But not just any brand new experimental warship – one that’s been overtaken by Romulans! Now the Doctor and Andy Dick must face a ship full of Romulans. Luckily the Romulans are super dumb! 7/10


Some Predator knock-offs have a communications network that Voyager uses to communicate with the Alpha Quadrant. 6/10


The predator knock-offs hunt Species 867-5309.


The Doctor convinces Seven that she’s been assaulted by an alien merchant. But it turns out she probably hasn’t. An interesting look at faulty memories and human bias vs proper scientific study. 6.4/10


The Hirogen take over the ship and use holodeck tech to run endless hunts, which leads to civil strife among their ranks. 6/10.


Tom Paris has a fear of commitment with B’elanna and then his body is swapped with an alien. Pretty dumb. 5/10


Janeway is obligated to neutralize a subspace-destroying particle, but Seven wants to study it. The particle comes from aliens trying to harness power for their collapsing society. Janeway screws over the aliens and then there’s some B.S. about ‘perfection.’ 5.5/10


A stealth woman loves Chakotay. She can’t be remembered or recorded for more than a short time. I guess they can’t take a snapshot or a drawing of her? Ridiculous. 5.6/10


The Doctor is reactivated to a future alien race who believes that Voyager was evil. Setting things right causes civil unrest. 7.8/10


Voyager crew and then the entire ship goes down to a planet that will kill any crew and destroy any ship, but they are not killed or destroyed. Then Tom and Harry become cloned by the planet that has gained sentience because of reasons. 5/10.


To survive a month-long trip through a death nebula, Seven must keep the ship running for a month while the crew is in suspended animation. Then she gets the crazies. 6.5/10


An alien whose people has been borgified wants revenge on Voyager so he makes his ship look like a starfleet ship. Lazy plot but love the acting from Ray “Twin Peaks” Rise. 7/10