Dreams and Stuff

I have a recurring dream about crashing a hotel banquet and eating other people’s food. I had it again last night.

I also have a recurring dream about toastscary bears attacking me. The night before last I dreamt I was being attacked by 2 huge grizzlies. I shot them in the head at point blank range with a shotgun slug but they didn’t feel it. I think they killed me.

In other news – and this is no dream – SEX IN SPACE!

It Came to Me In A Dream!

The other night I woke up from a dream in which I heard or came up with a song. This happens from time to time. Normally I get up, record it on my dictaphone and then listen to it after I’ve properly woken up. Sometimes it’s unintelligible, sometimes it’s just bad. This time I couldn’t find my dictaphone so I used the ‘memo’ feature on my answering machine. I tried to play it back but there was nothing there, to my chagrin.

Just now I came up with another melody at work and I called my home phone to leave a message on my machine to record the melody. Imagine my surprise when the outgoing message was not “Hi you’ve reached…etc” but rather “nana doodoodoo hmmhmm lalala.” Which you can also experience if you call my home phone. Clearly I pressed the ‘outgoing message’ button rather than the ‘memo’ button. And now you know how the Thickets hits are written.

Finally an Interesting Dream

Last night I dreamt that a COBRA-like organization was filling trucks full of WMDs and parking them at strategic locations. They were all supposed to go off at the same time but some trucks blew up early so the authorities starting looking for trucks that, of course, all had the same logo on them.

Something must have gone wrong because I ended up in a dimension that was, if not hell itself, very hell-like. The humans were all slaving away at various tasks in a stark concrete and metal environment with lots of fire, overseen by giant tormenting demons. We were all effectively immortal because if one of the demons killed us we just came back to life. On my, yes, lap top I uncovered some kind of a message from someone about corruption in the demon hierarchy or whatnot, and I found a way to summon Satan’s wife.¬†She was, teehee, totally hot. I asked her if we could fool around and we had coitus in the way that you can only have coitus with a shapechanging demigoddess with scary fangs.

It’s No Cthulhu Dream…

The other night I dreamed I was a contestant on Project Runway. Each contestant was given a bag of materials to work with. My bag contained an almost fully made dress so it was super easy. To punctuate my ensemble I made a mortarboard-like hat with a firecracker on top that went off during the judging. I won.

Toren Falls Down (Again)

Toren Atkinson of The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets talks about what happened at Cthulhupalooza, Second-Level Wizards, Saturday Morning Cartoon Party @ the Rio, Ghostbusters 25th Anniversary + video game, Anne McCaffrey, Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition, inspirations for “Theme to an Earthquake”, The World Wildlife Federation of Justice, and the big show forthcoming on February 7th with Bloodhag & The Bossmonsters @ The Bourbon.

Accompanying tracks include songs by: Ray Ellis, Dethklok, Bloodhag Three Inches of Blood, and of course The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets INCLUDING newly released “(We’re Gonna) Kill the Chupacabra (Tonight)” now available on the Child’s Play compilation CD with Freezepop & Johnathan Coulton.

All on CiTR’s “We All Fall Down” – download the entire hour of nerdly giggles at:
and visit Marielle’s blog

Dream On

A group of three people woke up and had no memory. They wandered around a wasteland and a large chunk of machinery fell from the sky almost hitting one of them. They started to go a little nuts and one of them ended up with a piece of sheet metal bound to his leg, dragging it along. They thought they were walking to Alaska but they saw something in a tree – the first sign of life besides their own. It was a large monkey! They saw a building – in a fenced off area beside it was a woman glowing a soft red, wandering around like an animal. Inside they found more people, some naked some clothed, in pens. The guy with the sheet metal went nuts and started to wreck stuff. All the doors became prison bars as metal shards grew up from the ground, trapping them in a room. A faceless robot head poked out of a vent and asked “Do I win?”

“Do you win what?”

“Do I win law?”

The rest of the dream was a discussion with the robot about the nature of laws – especially how they change between cultures and over time to meet society’s needs.

Apocadream D

I dreamt the other night that I was part of this literally underground operation – a huge subterranean complex employing tens of thousands of people. Unbeknownst to most of the employees they were all working towards the summoning from the pits of hell a great Godzilla-sized demon – and part of that summoning included their sacrifice. I spent most of my dream trying to find my way out of the maze of giant weird rooms as the infernal power built up at the core of the complex and began to ominously surge its way up.

Speaking of demons, I just found out that there’s a new Tenacious D DVD available.


Olympic Level Dream Athlete

I had a dream that there was this vast landscape of candles that represented each person who would be at the Olympics. It was thousands or millions of candles lit up at night and it was beautiful but an environmental travesty. I railed against it – mostly to my dad – and decided I wasn’t going to take it sitting down. I started wading through a crowd to get back to my truck (!) and the crowd realizing that I was going to denounce the Olympics in public started to try to grab me. I had some kind of impromptu weapon on hand like a acetylene torch or a bug sprayer or some such and I started shooting people in the face with it.

Running With Cake

I had a dream that I was in a marathon, and I was far enough ahead that I stopped to buy a cake. Once I had the cake, I realized that it may have taken too long. I didn’t have time to eat it so I ran with it. People started passing me while I was running with cake. Finally I realized if I was to have a chance, I had to abandon the cake, so I left it by the side of the road and continued running. I came in second, because of cake.

Supreme Overlord of the Dreamiverse

This morning I had a dream that I was supreme overlord of the universe. I walked into a dance studio and told the instructor I wanted a short haired girl to have sex with. There was only one. We went into the office but before anything could happen I noticed a large, middle aged woman sitting completely still in a corner. I knew she was a monster so I used my super powers to chop her up into several pieces, and then focus my energies on withering away the pieces, which would otherwise regenerate. The rest of the dream was battling various other monsters with my supreme overlord powers, I can’t really remember the specifics. Good times!