Wally Zoo Meets the World Wildlife Federation of Justice


A bit of background on how I got here…

It all started in the late 90’s, I made a character for a superhero roleplaying game I was playing. That was Rhinosferatu, the vampire rhino

He was such a hit I started thinking about what other animal superheroes and villains I could make using punny portmanteaus. Some worked! Boomerangutan, Cardinal Sin, Dupligator, Earthquack… Others, not so much (Dire Rhea?)

Naturally, I started drawing all these characters, studying character design by buying a lot of old Super Goof, Mighty Mouse and Baby Huey comics.

When the opportunity arose, I created a mini-comic, “The Ominous Origin of Rhinosferatu” that was published in a local anthology

Rhinosferatu Page 3

This led to another, longer comic with a wider array of characters in a book called “Mega Fauna”

“Eye Eye Eye” written by Ian Boothby

Once I became a storyboard artist, I used Storyboard Pro to make a rough opening titles sequence for a proposed cartoon

Suffice it to say that anthropomorphic animal super heroes have been a bit part of my life for a very long time. I love the designs, the mash-ups, and the puns.

The WWFJ has been pitched before in different formats, but some real life ordeals that have come up lately made me realize that the way I deal (or not deal) with real people could use some work. And so with that angle I have re-adjusted the pitch to include the character of Wally Zoo, who likes to lose himself in a fantasy world. I hope that with this series I can tie the good clean fun of comic superheroes into a project with heart that can help others — and myself — work through some personal difficulties.

You can find more information at the official WWFJ site: