Power Enterprise Superhero RPG

After I discovered Dungeons & Dragons in my mid-teens, I decided I wanted to create a roleplaying game, and I chose to do one about super-heroes. Initially (let’s call it Phase 1) I started a world in which the players could play any superheroes they wanted. They could make up their own characters or play Spider-Man or Firestorm or whoever was their favourite superhero, and they would go up against existing Marvel & DC villains as well as my own creations.

I called it “Super Powers” and decided the drawings would have giant heads and 3 fingers. This was 1985.

Do click here for more images from 1985’s Super-Powers World.

Phase 2: Original Content

I slowly phased out the IP not owned by me. It was a lot of stopping bank robberies and so forth. There were primarily 6 characters, known collectively as The Troubleshooters, created by my closest friends, shown here in their original versions and some later drawings

A later drawing of Sentinel (Freddy R) and Stryker (also Freddy) and She-Bang take on a horde of zombies.

Phase 3: The Federation of Earth Protection (F.E.P.)

With help from my friend Kenny I added a backdrop of an invasion of Earth by the pitiless Mouvetrans, which prompted a United-Nations like organization called the Federation of Earth Protection to enlist many metahumans. Some heroes had their own costumes of course, but many simply wore a F.E.P. uniform/battle armor, like Vortex, Manic, Blade and Black Raven. Also shown are the F.E.P. terminators – non-powered humans with powered armor, and the F.E.P. armored emergency response vehicle.

The Mouvetrans

An alliance of conquering aliens from many different worlds, under the power of The Emperor. Ironically it was a Mouvetran experiment on Earth that caused many of the “mutations” resulting in the very heroes that would resist their more conventional attacks in later years.

The Mouvetrans had a hierarchy. The Minijens were low powered and rigid-thinking mooks, or ground soldiers, while Tenejens were the higher powered officers. Super-powered villains who joined the Mouvetran cause were given all their cool alien toys – space-age armor, weapons, and the ability to teleport back to the mother ship if situations got dire.

Phase 4: The Villain Years

Being angsty teens my players pitched playing as supervillains instead of heroes. So begun the saga of B.R.U.T.E. Force! Led by Sledgehammer, everyone got overpowered very quickly – especially when they made a deal with the Mouvetrans to destroy their mutual foes – and it became a real challenge to pit them against worthy adversaries, but it was a lot of fun times!

Phase 5: The Caution Horses

The Caution Horses ready for battle!

I was in grade 11 and 12 in 1986 through 1988, and with a new school came new friends. The next generation if you will! As the

Here’s some highlights:

Phase 6: Gods and Monsters

Just like DC adapted the Greek mythology and Marvel adapted the Norse for their universes, I created my own pantheon of ultra-powerful entities from another dimension that I called The Godrealms.

[images forthcoming]

As I got into the Cthulhu mythos around 1990, cosmic entities from beyond space and time also seeped into the adventures we played. I called them the Deathless Beyonders.

[images forthcoming]

Phase 7: The Vancouver Chapter

After I moved out of Chilliwack I posted a ‘players wanted for Call of Cthulhu’ ad in the local comic and game stores. Nathan, Johnstone, Devon and others became my first gamer friends in the city and I soon got them involved in the continuing Power Enterprise saga. At this point I wasn’t drawing with big heads anymore

[more images to come]


Here’s a gallery of assorted characters, some good, some evil, some old, some new(ish).



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