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Film and Voice Acting

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Character Voice Demo:

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Marvel Super Hero Adventures (I played Doctor Strange)

Soggy Flakes (Affolter Entertainment). Announcer (voice).

Mech X4 (Disney XD) live action teen adventure comedy series. I play Wyvern Cosplayer.

Kaiju A Gogo video game. Mad Scientist (voice).

Bunker Punks video game. I voiced one of the four main characters, Royce Hall.

Sword of the Stars: The Pit. I voice the Engineer character, one of three that the player chooses.

Little Trees air freshener commercial

20 Minutes of Oxygen music video (Steam-Powered Films). Main character. View it on vimeo

Fort Zombie video game I narrate as the main character (Kerberos Productions)

Sword of the Stars video game. I voice various characters and alien races throughout the main game and all the expansions.

Toyota Scion XB commercial. Narrator. View it here.

Stargate Atlantis MGM/SciFi Channel TV show. The episode I guest star in, “Midway,” debuted Feb 18 2008. I play Scott Dempster.

Beyond Top Secret: Iran I play a Russian nuclear scientist working for the CIA. History Channel.

Barbie As Island Princess toy commercial featured my voice as ‘the turtle’. Mattel Inc. View it here.

N.S.E.C.T.s is a line of remote control toy robots. I played their mad scientist creator in a recent commercial. Tyco/Mattel.

Captain Paycheck animated pilot. I provide the voice of Captain Paycheck and his alter ego. Watch it here

The Veil, a short film by Mike Jackson of Steam Powered Films has recently seen a longer director’s cut. I play a psychiatrist and was also story consultant.

Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath, a feature length animated feature by Edward Martin III, is now available on DVD. I played the lead role (voice).

Aggravated Assault, a play by David Jones, ran at the Havana October 1-12 2003. I played a lawyer.

The Souvenir, a short film by Mike Jackson, was one of the 11 winning films at this years Reelfast 48 Hour Film Festival. I voiced and puppeteered the boss monster.

Graveyard, the short film by Ed Brisson, is now on DVD. I played a lead role as a bookstore clerk, and am nominated for best actor in a short film at Fright Fest 2003 in Georgia

Mr. Dink, the cartoon series which I did about 8 voices for, aired on the Comedy Network’s Canadian Comedy Shorts.

Unrecoverable Error, a short film by Robert Fugger, in which I played a supporting role as “Arrogant Tech Guy” is finished.

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