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Film and Voice Acting

Download pdf 2022 film resume

Character Voice Demo:

Commercial Voice Demo:


Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist TV series. Church choir singer

Emerald Harvest

Marvel Super Hero Adventures (I played Doctor Strange)

Soggy Flakes (Affolter Entertainment). Announcer (voice).

Mech X4 (Disney XD) live action teen adventure comedy series. I play Wyvern Cosplayer.

Kaiju A Gogo video game. Mad Scientist (voice).

Bunker Punks video game. I voiced one of the four main characters, Royce Hall.

Sword of the Stars: The Pit. I voice the Engineer character, one of three that the player chooses.

Little Trees air freshener commercial

20 Minutes of Oxygen music video (Steam-Powered Films). Main character. View it on vimeo

Fort Zombie video game I narrate as the main character (Kerberos Productions)

Sword of the Stars video game. I voice various characters and alien races throughout the main game and all the expansions.

Toyota Scion XB commercial. Narrator. View it here.

Stargate Atlantis MGM/SciFi Channel TV show. The episode I guest star in, “Midway,” debuted Feb 18 2008. I play Scott Dempster.

Beyond Top Secret: Iran I play a Russian nuclear scientist working for the CIA. History Channel.

Barbie As Island Princess toy commercial featured my voice as ‘the turtle’. Mattel Inc. View it here.

N.S.E.C.T.s is a line of remote control toy robots. I played their mad scientist creator in a recent commercial. Tyco/Mattel.

Captain Paycheck animated pilot. I provide the voice of Captain Paycheck and his alter ego. Watch it here

The Veil, a short film by Mike Jackson of Steam Powered Films has recently seen a longer director’s cut. I play a psychiatrist and was also story consultant.

Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath, a feature length animated feature by Edward Martin III, is now available on DVD. I played the lead role (voice).

Aggravated Assault, a play by David Jones, ran at the Havana October 1-12 2003. I played a lawyer.

The Souvenir, a short film by Mike Jackson, was one of the 11 winning films at this years Reelfast 48 Hour Film Festival. I voiced and puppeteered the boss monster.

Graveyard, the short film by Ed Brisson, is now on DVD. I played a lead role as a bookstore clerk, and am nominated for best actor in a short film at Fright Fest 2003 in Georgia

Mr. Dink, the cartoon series which I did about 8 voices for, aired on the Comedy Network’s Canadian Comedy Shorts.

Unrecoverable Error, a short film by Robert Fugger, in which I played a supporting role as “Arrogant Tech Guy” is finished.

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