The More Things Don't Change….

Geoff did an admirable job of putting together Fiction Writeology and there were curry wraps and everything. The problem we seem to be having with Slackademics is that more often than not, about 70-80% of the people who “confirm” attendance don’t show up. We were supposed to have 9-10 people tonight and it was just me, Jay and Geoff. I felt bad that Geoff dutifully printed up so many copies of the handouts.

However he had an interesting idea – take $5 as an admission fee. People seem to take things more seriously if they’ve put money – even a small amount – down for something. We could even give them a full refund IF THEY SHOW UP. Or just spend it on food for the night. I don’t know if that will work but it seems worth a try.


Meet me here!

Slackademics Vancouver
Education – Workshop
Date: Thursday, June 19, 2008
Time: 6:30pm – 10:00pm
Location: Geoff’s Place (Kitsilano)
City/Town: Vancouver, BC
Description Slackademics – Writing Fiction

Three hours is just enough time to scratch the surface of writing fiction, but in that time, I hope to pass-on some of what I learned during my year in SFU’s The Writer’s Studio. I’m going to focus on three main areas: how to improve your writing practice, how to improve your narrative, and how to get inside your character’s heads. The evening will include practice exercises, lecture, reading, and small but delicious portions of fun.

Where: Geoff’s place in Kitsilano (Details to be provided to confirmed attendees)

When: 6:30pm, Thursday, June 19th

Ramping up for Ukelelology. Or was it Ukelology?

I just picked up three ukeleles from Jairo this afternoon. That makes me the proud owner of five ukes, at least for the time being. For anyone who’s interested, the workshop for introduction to the ukelele is happening on Monday Nov 19 at 7pm. The default location is my place but it’s not exactly ideal (i.e. I’d have to clean up the place). If anyone wants to offer their pad, I’d love to know. It looks like I’ll be leading the instruction unless someone more qualified steps forward. I figure I’ll provide handouts of all the chords and a few songs, talk about strumming techniques, and then we’ll play a few easy songs. It’s free, but bring food to share.

And then on Tuesday night it’s the Ukelele Circle Jam at Our Town Cafe on Broadway @ Kingsway so you can put your new knowledge to good use!

Slackademics: Scrabbleology

So the Scrabble Strategy workshop went all right. I was expecting 10 people but in total there were only 5. Still worthwhile to do but considering I spent all day preparing when I should have been working on my art deadlines, it was a bit of a disappointment. Especially when I scheduled and rescheduled to accommodate people that ended up not showing anyway. Ah well, that is life.

Regardless, Ukeleleology is scheduled for Monday Nov 19th and I already have a small pique so that’s promising. No leads on a teacher so we may end up letting wiki printouts do the honors. At the very least it will be a good communal jam session.

Slackademics: Ukelelology

It looks like we have a line on an instructor for an introduction to the ukelele, so if you haven’t already let me know you’re interested in taking the class, do so! Sounds like it’s going to be a hoot! And I know where to get super cheap ukes.

I Competed!

This Tuesday evening was the first annual Ukelele Slam! Contestants performed original songs for prizes. It was announced at the last monthly Ukelele Jam and Joyce and I said “yeah! We should do it!” But we didn’t get our stuff together until the night before. We slapped together a song and performed it at the slam. I think the song itself is sound but the execution was pretty laughable. There were 8 contestants – Joyce and I were the only team – and we placed 7th. It’s a good thing we didn’t place in the top four because we both forgot that those who made it to the second round had to perform a second original song – and we had not even begun to write one! Overall it was a lot of fun and despite our poor ranking the crowd really enjoyed our antics. And our prize for placing 7th was getting our $5 entry fee back. Good-natured fun for all, and now I’ve forced Joyce on stage. Woot!

Now I want to put together an intro to ukelele Slackademics workshop. Who’s interested? I know where to get $10 ukeleles if you don’t already have one.


In a rare bout of familial obligation, I called my mother yesterday.

On Saturday Carina hosted a Slackademics class on how to make a web page. It was good! I learned things – and I wrote them down. And I ate lots of pita and hummus/houmous/etc. What’s next? What’s next? I don’t know. Chris O’Hagan is offering sailing, but no date yet. I hope to squeeze a Photoshop class out of someone. I also want to attend classes on piano, guitar, and any kind of language that isn’t English.

If you’re on facebook, and you live in Vancouver, you can join the Slackademics group.
Maybe that will increase activity/interest.



RSVP!!!! to

WHEN: Saturday May 12 @ 12:30pm
WHERE: #1 – 3024 Alberta St. (between 14th and 15th)
WHAT: How to get a web page going. Carina says “I may set up a little webpage for each person to visit ahead of time with links to resources that they will need, then I can spend the workshop explaining the concepts with specific examples. If I created a myspace page (or something like that) then this is something that I could help people with on a more ongoing basis (rather than just the one day). WHO: Carina will be hosting and teaching, but if you have expertise please feel free to join in with your suggestions.
WHY: For the learning!
PLEASE BRING: If you have a laptop you are willing to bring, please do so! Also bring food! Carina-friendly suggestions: fruit salad and/or strawberries, some pastry/muffiny things (Capers on Cambie has whole grain croissants that are awesome, some Starbucks have them too now) OR whole grain bagels and cream cheese. Brunchy things… but no meat plz.

Slackademics: Basic Music Theory again?

Rowan is looking to provide an accordian Slackademics class, but first he has some people interested in doing a general music theory class. Stephane provided one a few months back but I’m wondering if anyone (including Stephane) would be willing to do another! Anyone? Anyone?