Original Spaceship Zero Art


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The following drawings were published in Spaceship Zero: The Roleplaying Game. All of these are pencil on paper unless otherwise noted

Comic Book Art!

These are original comic paper size 11″ x 17″ – they don’t have text on the original art. Photos forthcoming

Toren’s Birthday Original Art Sale!

Offering these at the $52 sale prices from June 1 to June 28

I’m 52 this June and to celebrate I’m offering all of these original D&D and other RPG pencil/ink drawings for only $52* each! I’ll be posting new pieces weekly.

*(USD, unless you’re in Vancouver and can pick up, then $52 CAD)


You can see more D&D art going all the way back to AD&D/2nd edition at https://torenatkinson.com/dungeons-and-dragons-original-art/ and I’ll be giving discounts on offsale stuff too if you buy two or more pieces!

JUST ADDED! Egyptian Adventures: Hamunaptra (3.5 edition, Green Ronin)

Skull & Bones (Green Ronin)

From BONDS OF MAGIC (Malhavoc Press)



Cults of Freeport (Green Ronin)

From Temple Quarter (Game Mechanics/Green Ronin)

From Advanced Players Manual (Green Ronin)

From Advanced Bestiary (Green Ronin 2004)

From Minions (Chaosium, Call of Cthulhu)

From Monte Cook Presents: Year’s Best d20 (Malhavoc Press)

From Shaman’s Handbook (Green Ronin)

From Wrath and Rage: A Guidebook to Orcs, published by Green Ronin

From Spaceship Zero: The Roleplaying Game (2001 Green Ronin)

From Liber Bestarius (Eden Studios 2003)

From Black Sails Over Freeport (Green Ronin)


From Book of the Righteous (Green Ronin)

From Monte Cook’s Arcana Unearthed D&D 3rd edition pencil on paper

From Bastards & Bloodlines D&D 3rd edition (Green Ronin Publishing) pencil on paper:

From Black Company (Green Ronin Publishing):

Book of Fiends (Green Ronin Publishing)

Aasimar and Tiefling: A Guidebook to the Planetouched (Green Ronin)

Mindshadows (Green Ronin)

Noble’s Handbook (Green Ronin)

From ORK! The Roleplaying Game (Green Ronin)

From Chaositech (Malhavoc Press)

From Creature Collection (White Wolf)

From Jade Dragons and Hungry Ghosts (Green Ronin)

From Creatures of Freeport (Green Ronin)

From Denizens of Freeport (Green Ronin)

from Touched by the Gods (Atlas Games)

From Thieves World (Green Ronin)

from Unholy Warrior’s Handbook (Green Ronin)

From HARP (High Adventure Roleplaying Game – Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE)

Wally Zoo Meets the World Wildlife Federation of Justice


A bit of background on how I got here…

It all started in the late 90’s, I made a character for a superhero roleplaying game I was playing. That was Rhinosferatu, the vampire rhino

He was such a hit I started thinking about what other animal superheroes and villains I could make using punny portmanteaus. Some worked! Boomerangutan, Cardinal Sin, Dupligator, Earthquack… Others, not so much (Dire Rhea?)

Naturally, I started drawing all these characters, studying character design by buying a lot of old Super Goof, Mighty Mouse and Baby Huey comics.

When the opportunity arose, I created a mini-comic, “The Ominous Origin of Rhinosferatu” that was published in a local anthology

Rhinosferatu Page 3

This led to another, longer comic with a wider array of characters in a book called “Mega Fauna”

“Eye Eye Eye” written by Ian Boothby

Once I became a storyboard artist, I used Storyboard Pro to make a rough opening titles sequence for a proposed cartoon

Suffice it to say that anthropomorphic animal super heroes have been a bit part of my life for a very long time. I love the designs, the mash-ups, and the puns.

The WWFJ has been pitched before in different formats, but some real life ordeals that have come up lately made me realize that the way I deal (or not deal) with real people could use some work. And so with that angle I have re-adjusted the pitch to include the character of Wally Zoo, who likes to lose himself in a fantasy world. I hope that with this series I can tie the good clean fun of comic superheroes into a project with heart that can help others — and myself — work through some personal difficulties.

You can find more information at the official WWFJ site: