Toren’s Guide to Star Trek: Voyager Season 1

Q help me, I’m forcing myself to watch Star Trek: Voyager. Resistance is….pending.

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CARETAKER Parts 1 and 2

Strangely for a ship that was part of the United Federation of Planets – a coalition of over 150 worlds – they had to go into another quadrant to integrate some non-humans into their crew. There is a scene with Quark to offer fan service to DS9 viewers. An alien transports a maquis ship and Voyager to the Delta Quadrant and puts them in an anachronistic farm setting so as to keep the show budget reasonable. Certainly not to make the humans feel at home since it more resembles the 20th century than the 24th century. The alien caretaker wants someone to take over his shitty job but can’t find anyone. Janeway destroys the array that summoned them rather than use it to get them home. That makes the nasty Kazon aliens so angry! 6/10


Not a terrible episode – some interesting crew interaction but a lot of boring technobabble and the usual wormhole/time/multiple ships b.s. 5/10


On a barren post-apocalyptic planet Janeway and Paris get sent back in time and are hounded by a child who neglects to be shot by ruthless protesters wearing rainbow corsets. Kes can sense minds through time and gets a bunch of stuff wrong. Interesting if predictable twist ending. 6.5/10


Neelix disobeys orders like a dummy and has his lungs removed by someone with a medical station hiding in an asteroid. He gets cranky. Then the doctor gets cranky. Then Voyager captures the party responsible and gives them a stern talking to. Kes donates a lung so now Neelix and Kes both only have one lung. I’m sure they’ll be fine running about for the rest of the 6 seasons though. This ep introduces the Vidiians who will will get to know over the next little while. 7/10 including a bonus point for the phage makeup.


Boring. Pointless. Prosaic. 3/10


In “Eye of the Needle” the crew finds a wormhole that goes to the Alpha Quadrant! HOORAY! Oh no it’s too small for the ship to go into. BOOOOO. Oh but wait we can send a probe through and contact someone. YAY! Oh but it’s a Romulan and they’re the enemy BOOOO. Oh but he’s going to help us and send our letters to our loved ones YAY! Oh no the other side of the wormhole and the Romulan are from the past BOOOOO. I liked this episode! 7/10


For a somewhat ridiculous film noir-esque murder mystery involving aliens with terrible feather wigs this actually wasn’t bad. 6/10.


This episode had some good ideas but didn’t take it far enough. I try to imagine this as a TNG episode and would I like it then? It seems like this would be a season 6 or 7 episode. Weak in some places that it matters. 5/10.


Interesting ideas. Star Trekky in a perhaps-slightly-too-comfortable-but-only-just kind of way. Interesting dynamics with Seska vs Torres. Good acting with Mulgrew at the end. 6/10, but I don’t feel the need to ever watch this episode again. Still, better than I could do.


Voyager “State of Flux” Is Seska a Cardassian? If she is, is it bad? Is she giving technology to the Kazon? Is Kazon hair made out of papier mache? No colorful space clouds in this one, so it gets a thumbs up, even though something about Seska weirds me out. I don’t buy her and Chakotay having a romantic history together. 6/10


Season 1 ep 12 “Heroes and Demons.” Yes it’s time for a ‘holodeck safeties are off’ episode! It’s a doctor-heavy episode so that’s a good thing, but it’s also a medieval LARP. So turns out that Voyager has captured some living light creatures which hide out in the holodeck and integrate with the Beowulf program. Also the doctor chooses the name “Schweitzer” but by the end of the episode he doesn’t like it. 5/10


In episode 13 “Cathexis” we renew the trope of aliens possessing crew members and trying to take control of the ship. Very forgettable episode. 5/10


I like the idea of the phage but this episode makes no sense. I could see them taking the klingon DNA out of Torres to make a fully human version, or vice versa – but two B’Elannas? One is aggressive and not-so-clever while the other one is more clever but cowardly. Silly! But at least one of the Voyager crew members was killed and their face was put on an alien. That’s fun! 5/10


The guy who played Worf’s grown son and Odo’s father is back as an analog of the scientist who invented the atom bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima. Neelix gets angry. Then he gets sad. Then angry again. Interesting idea executed in a ham-handed fashion. 5/10


Tuvok takes on some maquis ne’er-do-wells in this episode that finally addresses the fact that there are two incompatible crews working together. Meanwhile, cheese has infected the computer’s circuitry because why not? One of my favourite episodes so far. Wish we saw more of these crewmembers after this ep. 7.3/10