If You Love Christmas So Much, Why Don't You Marry It?

I had a dream this morning that Anthony Hopkins came to my house. And that I had a house.

Moving on…

Movies I want to see as soon as possible:

Return of the King
Triplettes of Belleville
Intolerable Cruelty

Movies I am also interested in but theoretically could wait until video/dvd:
Matchstick Men
21 Grams
Mystic River

(Don’t forget, Princess Mononoke & The Dark Crystal are playing at the Placebo on Sunday (28th), and p:ano (the band) is playing at the Sugar Refinery on Monday (29th).)

I went down to Drexoll Games today and picked up a cool monk figure with a spiked chain. I didn’t really know what I was looking for – there were a few that caught my eye, but I decided I didn’t have enough monk minis in my collection. I like it. I also bought an issue of Dungeon Magazine which has some really interesting adventures in it (but only 2).

For posterity, I will catalogue here the really bad joke I thought up while I was walking from Broadway to 4th Ave.

Hugo: I really love Christmas
Buford: If you love Christmas so much, why don’t you marry it?
Hugo: Marry Christmas?

Sorry, it’s all in the delivery.

I had a look at their boxing day sale table. amidst the games etc was a copy of Cults Across America, a Cthulhu board game for which I did art. It’s actually a pretty good game, but it takes a long time to play and it’s expensive ($70). They (Darcy & Tamara, shopowners) tried to apologize to me for marking it down but I wouldn’t let them. When Jeff showed up in the store a few minutes later, he rubbed it in my face that the game was on sale, but then had to apologize when somebody bought it!

While I was browsing through the miniatures a fellow nearby asked me if I had anything to do with Spaceship Zero (the RPG). He asked me if I would run a game of it at his stag party. Yeah, you read right. I thought that was pretty choice and of course I agreed. He hasn’t set a date yet but I gave him my card. I knew I carried those stupid things around for a reason.

Yule Be Sorry

Dreamy dream dream…

Last night I had some interesting dreams. I won’t bore you with all the details, but I will say this:

– I dreamt that at the swimming pool they had switched the men’s and women’s change rooms, so I walked into the women’s but nobody seemed to notice or care. I couldn’t find the locker with my clothes, and buddy that’s a bit too close to high school dreams for me.

– I dreamt a song which I could remember when I woke up, but I didn’t think it was interesting enough to record. In the dream it was too reminiscent of a Bjork song (which in real life I’m sure did not exist). I don’t remember the song now.

– I was wearing earplugs for a while this morning while I slept, and in my dream I had kernels of cooked corn in my ears.

Frisky Frolics

On Tuesday, after swimming, Anghold and I went to the Safeway. Earlier that day we had been talking about how sometimes I stop listening when Ang is talking. Now of course, I cannot deny that that happens – it happens with everybody who talks to me, as my mind is prone to wander – but my contention is that sometimes I just seem to be not listening, when in fact I am. That is neither here nor there for the purposes of this story, however. While shopping in the Safeway, Ang asked me if I had my Safeway Club Card, to which I responded affirmative. Then, as we went through the checkout, Ang was giving the clerk a bunch of phone numbers that weren’t working, and I was confused as to why. So I leaned over and quietly asked “why are you giving her phone numbers?”

“Because I don’t have my Safeway Club Card with me.” Ang said.
“I have mine right here. I told you that. Weren’t you listening?” I said.
“Well I guess I wasn’t.”
“Oh! Well now! How the tables have turned!”

…and it went on from there, so much so that the checkout lady said that we were having a “lover’s quarrel.” I shot here a glance as if to say “can you believe this bitch?” We kept up the ruse for our own amusement, and after we left the shop we had a good chuckle. I think we made everyone in line behind us feel uncomfortable with our public squabble. It was hilarious. Ang says that happens all the time with her brother, Chrishold.

Yule Be Sorry

Chris Woods, artist extraordinaire, asked me what I wanted for Christmas. First mistake, big boy. I should track down that list from my birthday. In fact I think I’ll put a link to it on the column on the left. Awwww yeah. Whoever said giving was better than receiving? Actually – the best present would be if you went into your local gaming store and bought/ordered a copy of Spaceship Zero the RPG. Failing that – I hope everyone will take note of this: I have too much crap! If it’s not useful, it’s just going to go into the closet or get sold on ebay. I’m making it my mission to give gifts this year that are INDISPENSIBLE.

Will Save Vs Dream Dog

I went back to sleep after the cable guys came this morning, and I had a dream. Often I can control my dreams, that’s how I know I’ve got a high Will saving throw (although I was hypnotized once). In my dream, I realized it was a dream and I thought it might be interesting to gather some imperial evidence. To test the resolution of my dream vision I went up to this pickup truck and studied very closely its surface. It was, indeed, very detailed. It looked exactly like a real pickup truck, not just dream-stuff. It had all bubbles and scrapes in its paint job and some sticker on the back with a very professional-looking logo. Then I think there were dogs wandering around the parking lot so I climbed up onto a roof to avoid being attacked. I think I was attacked anyway.