Finally an Interesting Dream

Last night I dreamt that a COBRA-like organization was filling trucks full of WMDs and parking them at strategic locations. They were all supposed to go off at the same time but some trucks blew up early so the authorities starting looking for trucks that, of course, all had the same logo on them.

Something must have gone wrong because I ended up in a dimension that was, if not hell itself, very hell-like. The humans were all slaving away at various tasks in a stark concrete and metal environment with lots of fire, overseen by giant tormenting demons. We were all effectively immortal because if one of the demons killed us we just came back to life. On my, yes, lap top I uncovered some kind of a message from someone about corruption in the demon hierarchy or whatnot, and I found a way to summon Satan’s wife. She was, teehee, totally hot. I asked her if we could fool around and we had coitus in the way that you can only have coitus with a shapechanging demigoddess with scary fangs.