Dream On

A group of three people woke up and had no memory. They wandered around a wasteland and a large chunk of machinery fell from the sky almost hitting one of them. They started to go a little nuts and one of them ended up with a piece of sheet metal bound to his leg, dragging it along. They thought they were walking to Alaska but they saw something in a tree – the first sign of life besides their own. It was a large monkey! They saw a building – in a fenced off area beside it was a woman glowing a soft red, wandering around like an animal. Inside they found more people, some naked some clothed, in pens. The guy with the sheet metal went nuts and started to wreck stuff. All the doors became prison bars as metal shards grew up from the ground, trapping them in a room. A faceless robot head poked out of a vent and asked “Do I win?”

“Do you win what?”

“Do I win law?”

The rest of the dream was a discussion with the robot about the nature of laws – especially how they change between cultures and over time to meet society’s needs.

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