It Came to Me In A Dream!

The other night I woke up from a dream in which I heard or came up with a song. This happens from time to time. Normally I get up, record it on my dictaphone and then listen to it after I’ve properly woken up. Sometimes it’s unintelligible, sometimes it’s just bad. This time I couldn’t find my dictaphone so I used the ‘memo’ feature on my answering machine. I tried to play it back but there was nothing there, to my chagrin.

Just now I came up with another melody at work and I called my home phone to leave a message on my machine to record the melody. Imagine my surprise when the outgoing message was not “Hi you’ve reached…etc” but rather “nana doodoodoo hmmhmm lalala.” Which you can also experience if you call my home phone. Clearly I pressed the ‘outgoing message’ button rather than the ‘memo’ button. And now you know how the Thickets hits are written.