Things of the Day

At the old day job we have a ‘job board’ with all the different jobs on the go. It’s very seldom full. It is currently…full.

Today the chief went on a 2 week vacation leaving me in charge.

Anyone want to intern at a screen-printing & embroidery place? Mwoo-hahahaha!

So the “upshot” (I dislike that word…reminds me of trailer park dialect for some reason) is that I have 3 fewer hours a day to keep up on my art jobs. Let’s look at those, shall we?

  1. Reggietown. 38 page comic book. Pencils & Inks. Paying. Due now.
  2. Secret project. 5 page comic. Pencils & inks. Non-paying. Due now.
  3. Monkey project. 13(?) page comic. Pencils & inks. Non-paying. Due now.
  4. Logo design (4) for Thai sauce purveyor. Paying. Due in a few weeks.
  5. WWFJ Mutants & Masterminds supplement. Writing (with help from Theo), drawing, inking, colouring. 95% done. Pays percentage of profits.  Way overdue.
  6. Spaceship Zero. 5 page comic. Writing, pencils, inks. Non-paying. 4/5ths done. Due in February.

Plus misc.

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