But the Good News Is…

Holidays are coming up! I know I posted my Christmas List Wish but that was all B.S.

What I really want for Christmas is one of two things:

1. To be able to hire Scott Shaw, the original artist for Captain Carrot & His Amazing Zoo Crew, to draw a page or two of World Wildlife Federation of Justice. I found out his page rates today and they are not unreasonable. They mayyyyyyy be in my price range for a single page. Especially if I just get the pencils done.

2. I want to start a ‘battle music’ station for Live365 radio. This basically requires time and a bit of scratch.

I think either of those things would be incredibly cool. And by cool I mean nerdy.

One Reply to “But the Good News Is…”

  1. I started The Adventurer’s Guild channel on Live365 back when they were free, full of music to play D&D to. Stopped when they went for-pay.

    Lemme know if you want my playlist.

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