Heart of the Golden South Day 3

The Shurniak Art Gallery here in Assiniboia was founded by some rich local who collected artwork from all over the world. Both of Deanna’s grandmothers wanted to take us there so naturally we had to make two separate trips two days in a row. Yes, the gallery is THAT good. Part of our visit to the gallery was to the tea room where they have home made (a point made by everyone who we spoke with) baked goods.

Afterwards we went back out to the farm and I spotted a huge owl just off the road on grandpa’s land, which I followed and tried to get some snapshots and a movie of. It was amazing, and looked something like this:

We went to the local tiny graveyard which, like the rest of the area, was coated in grasshoppers and locusts. The locals say it hasn’t been this bad since the 80’s (the grasshoppers, not the cadavers).

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