Heart of the Golden South Day 2

Monday we had breakfast at a place called New Moon Cafe. This is apparently a staple of Assiniboia cuisine and features what one might politely call Canadian Chinese. I would call it the worst breakfast I’ve ever had. Heavy onion rings, soggy oversauced caesar salad, three different kinds of very deep fried chicken, overdone fried rice, and chicken balls preside. The neice had ‘dino buddies’ which are freezerburned, deep fried, vaguely reptilian-shaped chicken.

Afterwards we hit the library. This is the only place that we know of where I can access the internet, so naturally there’s been a round of jokes at the grandparent’s place about whether or not I’m off to the library. There’s no service out here for either my cell phone or Deanna’s Blackberry. I’ve been checking my emails to keep tabs on presales for BLAST! and if there’s any updates to my art assignments.

Though we’re staying at Geriatric Manor across from the swimming pool, we spend most of our time at Deanna’s grandparent’s place. This involves being overfed and managing many subtle layers of guilt. After drawing a dinosaur for the neice I was then charged with the task of drawing a chalice for Grandma’s cult meeting, which I completed even though it flies in the face of everything I believe in. Oh yes, Deanna’s family is steeped in the rich history of the masons.

At the local ice cream shop, this big city boy blew the staff’s mind. I noticed they had a licorice shake so I asked for a licorice sundae. She said they didn’t have those, so I had to ask for the finer details of how a licorice shake is made. Is it a syrup? Then take that syrup and toss it on a helping of softserve. “I’ve never done that before.” Yeah well carpe diem, sweetheart. The result was not quite tiger tail ice cream, but it hit the spot.

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  1. Eastern Star. That’s one of the many nom de plumes of Mary.

    I remember that from my priestly days…by that a story for another day…

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