Heart of the Golden South Day 4

Not my photo, not our food

On Wednesday morning I had the good sense to spend 3 hours at the library catching up on important e-things and of course blogging this.

In the afternoon it was another round of “High Tea” at the art gallery with me, Deanna, and the septuagenarian gossip posse. They served a scone, some fruit and various condiments on a multi-tiered tray which was either ridiculous or elegant depending on your point-of-view. The scone was tasty though. And did I mention home-made? Also: devonshire cream.

A hug from my new gramma sent Deanna, her mom and I into the boat for the big drive to Shaunavon, the town where Deanna grew up. A big to-do was made out of the fact (to me, anyway) that the sisters’ kids had cancelled their hockey practice so they could spend time with us, but upon arrival we found that only Layne, the youngest of the siblings at 5, actually had the evening free. We drew a book together and she made me a crown, so finally I could make some royal decrees!

Some kid wearing the shirt I made her for Christmas

Oh how she did cry when she had to go to bed, but I didn’t, because I played Super Mario Bros on the Wii. Despite the kid’s offer for me to sleep in her bed, Deanna and I went to her Mom’s place to crash, and so endeth the least boring day so far of the trip, owing primarily to the fact that I was not surrounded by old people talking constantly about other old people I have never met.