Ask Doctor Thicket AKA Cthulhu Dreams

Ok, this idea might be a little far fetched but it based purely on a dream that I had last night.
The dream had me standing in a record store and as I was going through the racks, I happened upon a boxset of “Cthulhu Strikes Back”.
Why was this a box set? Well upon opening the box, there inside was a copy of the special edition album and on green vinyl there was a live recording of the entire album played at a venue somewhere.
Inside the box would be some artwork that could be framed along with a booklet containing photos of the band and brief band bio
The box set was also available on cd.
If you’re wondering who would buy such a thing, well you have one customer up front already (myself)
Many thanks in advance

I like it. Not enough marketing ideas come from dreams these days.