Here’s a tip I learned through the process of inking this half of the cover of Atomic Press’ “World Wildlife Federation of Justice” supplement for Mutants & Masterminds roleplaying game: if you’re using #1003 comic book paper and you feel like flipping the paper over so that the little blue lines won’t subconsciously affect the artwork as you draw on the page – DON’T. The back of the paper has a different ‘tooth’ than the front and if you try to use a nib to ink over the pencils that you have worked long and hard on, the ink will bleed into the fibers of the page so you don’t get clean lines. As a result I had to use a brush almost exclusively on this page which was a limitation I didn’t need.

Anyway, this is more or less the final linework. I’ll be spending some of the weekend colouring and some of the weekend trying to put together a DVD for the Saturday Morning Cartoon Party next week at the Rio Theater!!

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