Smelling Whale Schmag? Count Me In!

Who wants to go see this with me?

  • Thursday, January 8
    Dr. Andrew Trites
    2009/01/08 – 19:30
    2009/01/08 – 21:30
  • Joyce Walley Learning Centre at the Vancouver Museum, 1100 Chestnut Street, Vancouver

    The Beaty Biodiversity Museum at UBC will soon be home to the first Blue Whale skeleton on display in Canada, one of only 21 in the world. Dr. Andrew Trites, Director of the Marine Mammal Research Unit at UBC, will join us to give an insider’s account of the Museum’s recent Blue Whale skeleton dig in Prince Edward Island where the carcass washed ashore. Its subsequent journey west to Victoria, where the rather large puzzle of bones is being pieced together, makes for a fascinating story. Learn about the conservation status of Blue Whales, hear the story of the missing flipper, and smell a sample of whale schmag. Find out more about the soon-to-open Beaty Biodiversity Museum at this event, or at

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