A Brief Overview of 2008

Well, it was a crazy, crazy, crazy year. “The Year of the Thicket” to some, the year of no free time for me. Which made this Christmas break all the more sweet since I’ve done nothing but relax since Dec 24. Actually that’s not true I’ve been doing a lot of writing. But no phone calls, no paperwork, no meetings. Ahhhhhhhhhh.

Here’s what happened in my life over the past 12 months. Anything in italics required a lot of planning. Anything in bold and italics required a ridiculous amount of planning that consumed my time and energy and I never want to do again. May also have involved hated paperwork.

JANUARY: Started dating Deanna; filmed “Hello/Goodbye”

FEBRUARY: Moved out of gassy Shaughnessy and into Kits with Mike et al.

MARCH: Voiceover for Toyota commercial; Saturday Morning Cartoon Party; Vacation in Victoria;

APRIL: Got art studio; Toe surgery

MAY: A Thickets Show in town

JUNE: Vacation to Carol Lake

JULY: Filmed “The Summoning”; Hearing with Residential Tenancy Branch for resolution to get damage deposit back from ex-landlady.

AUGUST: voice work for “Sword of the Stars”; Prepared  comic for anthology “Comix & Stories” but it was rejected – still sold stuff at a table at the associated convention @ VAG; PENNY ARCADE EXPO with release of “Shhh….” on Rock Band 2

SEPTEMBER: Thickets show in Seattle; Comic stuff at Word Under the Street

OCTOBER: H.P. LOVECRAFT FILM FESTIVAL with Mike Mignola & Thickets Show in Portland; Vacation in Saskatoon; Moved in with Deanna to East Van;

NOVEMBER: Cloudscape/Historyonics anthology published with Rhinosferatu comic

DECEMBER: CTHULHUPALOOZA show in Vancouver; Thickets track “Kill the Chupacabra” released on Childsplay Compilation CD.