You Got Served!

This morning I had the dispute resolution “hearing” between me, my ex-landlady (or landowner as Best would say) and the dispute resolution officer from the Residential Tenancy Branch. The landowner inferred that I had stolen the furniture that came with the suite when I moved out, which is of course ridiculous because a) I don’t steal and b) I didn’t even have enough room for all of my own furniture in the new place in Kits. Of course even if that were true it is immaterial to the issue of getting my security deposit back since the time for her to file on the security deposit issue is long since passed. She can still file to try to get damages out of me but I think the evidence weighs in my favour (I wrote a lot of very detailed letters and which I have copies of).

So now I will wait to receive a package with contains a monetary order which I must then serve to the landlady. So the drama continues and of course I will blog it!

On a related note, why to black holes have such strong gravity?

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  1. The misconception the Bad Astronomy video is addressing is that you usually hear of Black Holes crushing everything that falls into them into atomic powder. Those types of black holes though, are, um, large. We’re talking hundreds, if not thousands times as massive as Sol.

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