Things I'm Working On

Art I’m Working On:

Rhinosferatu Comic (4 pages) for the Cloudscape Collective Anthology
The Underbelly: Luccias Special (4 pages) for the Comix & Stories comic convention special anthology
The Underbelly (untold millions of pages) for the web and eventual publication

Future Plans:
Finish that fifth page of the Spaceship Zero comic.
Do another World Wildlife Federation of Justice story, featuring Ant-Lion.

Get a grant from the Xeric Foundation for WWFJ
Get a grant from Canada Council to do a comic on the wendigo trials.

Music Stuff I’m Working On:

The next album by The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets, including some re-imagined Thickets classics.
Preparing for the Penny Arcade Expo and the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival

Future Plans:
The DVD portion of the album – I need help getting VHS footage digitized and generally putting together the package.
Making a music video for “A Marine Biologist” – yes it’s still on the table somewhere under everything else.

Where the Twain Shall Meet:

Thickets buttons and shirts.
Does anyone want to write a treatment for a Spaceship Zero movie? Stuart Gordon said he’d love to see one.

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  1. Space Ship Zero
    An original screenplay concept by
    MBeck (via

    Science Fiction:A scientist teams up with a ex Navy Seal to battle aliens from Venus.

    As the story unfolds, the scientist discovers the truth about with a pet pig who has an army of trained monkeys which they use to their advantage.

    Through tricks and deception they manage to destroy 20 aliens, beat the bad guys and win the respect of military leaders.

    Think Aliens meets Jurassic Park.

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