3 Replies to “HPLFF 2008”

  1. Yet another reason I am sad to no longer be living in Portland. New Zealand is overrated.

    The Hollywood theatre as I recall it is a good venue. Just a block or two from a “Things from Another World” shop (one of Dark Horse’s retail shops).

    Any chance you’ll be recording the show? If you like, I can shortlist some fo the better engineers in town for you.

    BTW: Toren a while back you posted that the Thickets will be revisiting an older song for the new album. If you guys haven’t locked it down yet I’d like to suggest “Please God No!”.

  2. I Still don’t believe it. The Intertron has lied to me before. It didn’t make it bigger and the “hot chick from Surrey” really didn’t want to meet me.

    But just in case it is true, I’m renewing my passport.

  3. Of course, that is great news for us HPLFF locals! Hopefully, all of the show attendees on Ol’ Mass don’t buy up all of those great tour shirts!

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