100 Things About The Self-Absorbed

Although I am not a meme fiend in any way, my friend posted 100 Things About…Her on her blog and I think that would be fun to do right here. However, I would like to make it more interactive. So, if you want to know something about me, ask in the comments and I’ll address it, hopefully in a full and interesting way. Go ahead – ask me anything!

This may be a passing fancy. I know I’ve said I’d do a lot of things on this blog that I didn’t follow through on but…well…fuck you!

4 Replies to “100 Things About The Self-Absorbed”

  1. Top X favorite musicians/bands/etc? I let you fill in the number since I know you’ll just pick an arbitrary number no matter what I say.

  2. What cartoon got you excited about cartoons? Which cartoon did you watch as a kid and love. What about it appealed to you.

    I know this is a series of questions but pretend I created three seperate accounts to ask them.

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