The Names Have Been Changed Because I Can't Remember Them

The first time I called Shaw I just wanted to cancel my cable tv, not my internet. The lady said that a service dude would have to come by my old place in Shaghnessy “just in case” and that I would have to be there. I didn’t want to make a special trip so I just said forget the whole thing. Then I seemingly got my connection issue here in Kits resolved so I called again to cancel everything. This time no mention of the above issue was made so I was glad. I also specifically asked if they needed the modem back because I was under the impression that I had been renting. She said “nope, it’s yours.” Fancy that! End of call.

I got a call a day or two later from Shaw saying I need to come downtown and drop off my modem. I almost never go downtown, for those who like to keep track. Now frustrated, I did my best to frustrate the Shaw guy (Ruprecht) on the phone. I asked him where all the drop off points were. There were none close to me so I scheduled an appointment for a service dude to come by and collect it. So me and Ruprecht spent the next several minutes going through my daybook and finally settling on a Saturday morning.

The Thursday or Friday before I got a call from another lady at Shaw (Deirdre): “So, what are we going to do about our modem?”
Me: “Well, someone is coming to pick it up on Saturday between 8am and noon. I certainly am looking forward to getting up early so I don’t miss this window.”
Deirdre: “No, that appointment was cancelled.”
Me: “This is the first I’ve heard of that.”
Deirdre: “It was cancelled by Mike.”
Me: “Who is Mike?”
Deirdre: “Mike [Your Roommate]”
Me: “I didn’t tell him about anyone coming by, how could that happen?”
Deirdre: “etc etc – let’s reschedule for Monday evening in between 6pm and 8pm.”
Me: “Oh let’s do!”

Today (Monday) I get a call at 4:45 – while I’m at work – from Shaw and then from Mike saying that the Shaw has come by to pick up the modem. Mike’s conversation was, as I understand it:

Shaw guy: “I’m here to pick up a modem”
Mike: “I don’t know where it is, let me look for it” Mike enters Toren’s room, Kodos goes into executioner mode, Mike closes door, goes back to Shaw guy. “When was Toren expecting you?”
Shaw guy: “6pm”
Mike: “It’s not 6pm.”
Shaw guy: “I know, I was in the neighborhood.”
Mike: “Come back at 6pm.”

I got home at 5:40. The guy came back at around 7pm. The prepared receipt was made out to Mike.


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  1. Yup this sounds like the same experience most people I know including myself have had with Comcast and other cable companies here in the States. I think they all smoke crack.

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