No Speak English

This week the day job boss is on leave which means I am in charge of the shop for six days. This means no sleeping in five days a week as per normal. I know, I know – poor Toren has to work like the rest of us schmucks, cry me a tsunami. Well it’s my blog and I’ll cry if I want to. I don’t think you appreciate just how much I abhor dealing with the public. Overall it’s been pretty decent for these past couple days and I don’t mind shooting the feces with good-humoured customers generally (especially when Thor shows up to get hockey shirts made up), but when the customer is unhappy, that makes Toren unhappy. Toren smash. Right after Toren dig spiked pit trap just inside front door.

Furthermore I can’t just stroll out of the shop to get a snack, though bossman anticipated that by laying out six 2L bottles of Coke Zero for me before he left. What a character!