They Cut My Death Scene!

Super special thanks to Mr Joe, who cut all my scenes together. At the end of the scene where I’m all nervous and beard-stroky, the wraith comes at me and drains my life-force with his handgina. Many prosthetic nails were broken during take after take so it’s a little disappointing that it got cut, but I choose to believe that my portrayal of death was so realistic that it was too disturbing for network TV.

PS – clearly being drained of life-force causes beard defoliation.

7 Replies to “They Cut My Death Scene!”

  1. I was bummered to not get to see the deathscene after reading your account of the shooting. Ah well I guess that’s how these things go in TV. You did a great job though.

  2. Too bad your death was so premature. You were a much better actor than the other tech guy. But at least your character wasn’t the whiney one.

    Here’s hoping your death scene is on the DVD when it comes out.

  3. I like that Atlantis’ techs are a bunch of scruffy layabouts. None of those honors student engineering types you see in Starfleet.

  4. Hi, Toren.

    Midway was awesome, and I enjoyed your performance very much.

    I left some links for screencaps on your Feb. 13 blog post. LOL! Should have checked for a more recent entry.


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