Including Season 1 & 2 of Samurai Jack!

It was something I was thinking about, and then Joyce did it. In a month or so I’ll be cutting off my cable. Lately I’ve been taping tons of stuff off of Turner Classic Movies, and picking up $5 DVDs from Craigslist in preparation.

But like Lando Calrissian says, I’ve just made a deal that will keep the empire out of here forever.

Tonight I picked up 47 DVDs for $200. Including all 3 extended editions of Lord of the Rings, complete Neon Genesis Evangelion box set which I’ve heard good things about, Final Fantasy VII box set, Postcards from the Future: Chuck Palahniuk Documentary, Transformers Anniversary Special Edition, South Park Season 8, Gollum, Cowboy Bebop, Family Guy vol 3 and almost everything I’ve listed on this new Vancouver Video Swap Facebook group that I started.

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  1. welcome to the club atkinson. i haven’t had tv since… well i can’t recall. early 90’s i think. i’m sure it will be easier than you think. plus if all else fails, you have the internet, source of much legal and illegal tv and movie goodness.

  2. Good question. We couldn’t get it when I moved here four years ago.

    The only thing keeping my cable is that I’ve got my internets through them and haven’t wanted to disrupt my email life for a couple of weeks while I line up another provider.

    T, who do you use for internets? And do they have extra?

  3. We moved house recently and not only got rid of cable, we got rid of our phone. We use the ‘net for everything. Thanks Skype!

  4. I’m seriously considering telus for internets and booting my Shavian overlords. I think telus is a lot cheaper.

  5. I really don’t watch TV all that much. I download the shows I really want to see. The only exception is hockey, which you would probably pay to *not* watch, so I can totally understand it.

  6. Toren, how much would you pay to not watch hockey? I have people who will watch it for you… very good rates.

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