Cosmic Ray – He Never Really Looked That Cosmic, And That Was His Charm

There’s too much history to fully explain what Cosmic Ray is all about, but suffice it to say he was one of Chris’ characters in my Power Enterprise superhero roleplaying game.

Here’s Cosmic Ray from the early 1990’s


Based off of a Mike Mignola pose. Probably from Cosmic Odyssey. That one is ink and watercolour.
Questions about the head size? See here.

And here’s a drawing I just did of what he would be like if I was running PE now. Now even back in the day, the ‘superheroes’ working for the Federation of Earth Protection wore this sort of SWAT uniform, but for some reason the old illustration doesn’t have Ray in one. I don’t remember why, maybe Chris didn’t want him in one. Well, now he’s in one. Based on an Alan Davis pose. This one’s ink and marker. My scanner doesn’t capture true colours very well but you get the idea.


5 Replies to “Cosmic Ray – He Never Really Looked That Cosmic, And That Was His Charm”

  1. Do you still have the drawing with Ray’s kick-ass armor with the opaque steel face plate? He had x-ray vision so he didn’t need a transparent face shield. Just featureless, inhuman, intimidating steel! That was one of my favorite parts of PE. Rockin’ ass killer shiny suits of space-age armor.

    To this day I can’t watch a suoer hero movie and not ask my self: ‘Why aren’t they wearing their boss malleaflex and steel plate suits of powered armor?’ No self-respecting super hero goes into battle without it, even if they DO have amazing powers! Those Mouvetrans nasties played for keeps boy howdy!

  2. You know I don’t think I do have that drawing of C.R. with the opaque face plate! I can’t even remember it. Guess I dropped the ball on that one….

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