Latest crockery experiment was one of the more successful ones, but still not great. Corn and black beans and chicken and potatoes and a little cumin. Just doesn’t compare to a sandwich from Safeway. And if I don’t like a sandwich from Safeway (this hasn’t happened yet – the Greek Island flatbread is particularly tasty and I get it without ranch spread so it’s actually healthy) it’s only $4 lost rather than $15 for all the ingredients for a crock experiment. Well I’ll keep at it for a while, and if all else fails the crock pot serves as a decent bowl for snacks on D&D nights.

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  1. I was crocking like a hurricane tonight. Beef chunks, onion, potatoes, yams, carrots, plum tomatoes (canned) and vegetable broth. Ho hum. I must not have put enough seasoning in.

  2. Toren, again I stress the notion that you may not be using enough salt. The foods you usually eat have a very high salt content. Try another experiment making only a little bit of food, but use more salt (thus if you use too much salt you won’t be wating a whole crockpots worth of food).

  3. Hard to say. I don’t usually salt my food. My wife is like that salt sucker monster from star trek. I put in waaaaaaay more than I think is reasonable to account for her taste. So your milage will vary. Like I suggested, make a small crock experiment and put in two tablespoons and see how that works for you. Adjust from there.

    Hmmm. You probably don’t have a tablespoon (as kitchen measuring tools go). Get a plastic spoon from McDeath’s or some other rainforest scouring “restaurant” of doom and use that. It should be fairly close.

    Once you master the crockpot Toren, then we’ll get you on to the really good stuff: making your own ice cream. Tomorrow I’ll be making a chocolate custard based batch of ice cream. For my kids of course. . .

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