Ramping up for Ukelelology. Or was it Ukelology?

I just picked up three ukeleles from Jairo this afternoon. That makes me the proud owner of five ukes, at least for the time being. For anyone who’s interested, the workshop for introduction to the ukelele is happening on Monday Nov 19 at 7pm. The default location is my place but it’s not exactly ideal (i.e. I’d have to clean up the place). If anyone wants to offer their pad, I’d love to know. It looks like I’ll be leading the instruction unless someone more qualified steps forward. I figure I’ll provide handouts of all the chords and a few songs, talk about strumming techniques, and then we’ll play a few easy songs. It’s free, but bring food to share.


And then on Tuesday night it’s the Ukelele Circle Jam at Our Town Cafe on Broadway @ Kingsway so you can put your new knowledge to good use!