D-Day 1 & 2 (The D is for Diet)

Being on a diet is like being vegetarian – everyone does it until they’re not.

Who says you can’t be a vegetarian for a day?

My diet ends on the 20th of December (or until I get to my target weight). You may notice that coincides with Christmas. And yes, I plan on enjoying whatever sugary, fattening items present themselves at that time.

So what is the wisdom of being on a diet, just so you can counter the effect once you’ve reached your goal?

Well my thinking is that even people who are staunch health nuts splurge from time to time. Am I wrong, Dude? I think of a person who generally eats quite well but if they’re offered some tasty desert item or whathaveyou they will have “just a small piece.” Well, that’s my regime too, but in much broader strokes. Instead of eating restrictively for a couple days and having a piece of pie as a treat, I’m going to eat restrictively for several weeks and then have more than a piece of pie. I figure it all works out in the end, right? Everything in moderation, including moderation.

After all, after I lost 40 lbs it did take a decent amount of time for me to gain fat ground back up 20. So I figure if I spend the rest of my life enjoying ten months out of the year and suffering for two, it’s equivalent to eating “reasonably” – i.e. abstinently – consistently for 12 months of the year which, I’m confident in saying, is 100% unrealistic (for me). I think it’s a lot easier to exercise 100% willpower for 12% of the year than try to exercise say 80-90% willpower for 100% of the year.

That’s the theory, which I’m putting to the test.

Day One: mandarin orange (100 calories); apple (100c); can of corn (165c); pickles (like, 10c?); sugar free candy (???); low fat cream of broccoli soup (205c); another can of corn (165c) = about 800 calories.

Day Two: “Thinsations” cinnamon graham cookie-thins (100) + sugar-free pudding (200) + Thinsations again (100) + banana (200) + carrots & celery (100) + chicken (180) + Thinsations!!! (100) = 980 calories.

2 Replies to “D-Day 1 & 2 (The D is for Diet)”

  1. Read the last comment about this being unhealthy – they’re right, it is, but I totally know where you’re coming from. I too make healthy eating plans and then screw up by eternally promising myself tomorrow. I can see why you want to just go hard for a couple of months. Not sure what my point is here…

    solidarity brother!

  2. “My diet ends on the 20th of December” There is the problem.

    You are not changing your life style to one of living and eating in a manner conductive to long, healthy life. Before the ’60’s Diet meant whole life style, not some obsessive corporately created weight loss madness. Eat wholesome foods in moderate amounts, have the occasional treats like a slice of pizza, some little ice cream, maybe a small piece of cake at a party. These are ok, if you are living a rounded, healthy life style where you eat from around the outside of the supermarket, keep physical activity part of your daily routine, maintain a regular sleep schedule and you’ll be great. Lose the “I must be skinny by” idea and say, “I want to be happy with good food, good activities and good friends.”

    But remember, have fun or you’ll never, ever succeed.

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