D-Day 3: And Leon's Getting LAAAAAARGER

I miss peanut M&Ms.

Zdepthcharge writes:

Madness. Toren you could do this, but it wouldn’t be healthy. What? Are you trying to impress a pretty girl? Chill it. Set your goal a little lower and maybe do some regular exercise. Diet will only take you so far. Hit a gym twice, three times a week and the weight will stay off.
Jeez man, if you could drink real coffee you wouldn’t need all this food stuff…

I do exercise regularly. I bike almost every day. Minimum 20 minutes. Often more like an hour. I’ve noticed in the past few weeks that it’s been harder for me to maintain my speed and duration without getting worn out quicker, as my belly grows larger. That was one thing I noticed when I took off the weight the first time, it was sort of exponentially easier to bike around. I didn’t get out of breath on a tiny gradient anymore, which made biking all the more enjoyable so I did it more often. Since then I’ve really enjoyed biking around, and I will often find excuses to do so, even when it’s cold and wet out.

A few years ago, over a period of several months, I tried going to the gym on and off. I absolutely loathe the gym. I despise it. There are few things that make my skin crawl more than going to a public place to use public gear with mirrors all around, running on treadmills and exerbikes to not go anywhere…and to pay for it? Nobody can say I didn’t give it a fair shake – I went probably a dozen times. Never again. Give me swimming, tennis or racquetball – something that is fun and occupies a tiny iota of the brain while you do it. It drives me bananas to think of people spending a half hour in a car to travel to (and from) somewhere to ride a stationary bike. To quote Major Clipton in The Bridge On The River Kwai: “Madness! Madness!”

And I’m trying to impress ALL the pretty girls, not just one!

Day 3: Thinsations (100) + carrots (100) + Thinsations (100) + orange (100) + skim milk & cocoa & splenda (100) + Thinsations! (100)+ chicken w/ mustard (200) + green beans (80) + chocomilk (100) = 980 calories