40 Days to Lose 20 Pounds

Everyone knows about the boring old Medifast diet I went on 2 summers ago where I lost 40 pounds in a few months. Started at 220, went down to 179, slowly back up to between 190-200, where I’ve been sitting at for months. I’ve been trying to get back down to somewhere in the 80’s for what seems forever. I can get through big chunks of the day eating more or less healthily and in moderation, but almost every day there is one time when my cravings get the best of me and I gorge myself. I’ve tried lots of different things but nothing seems to overcome that “well one little gorge won’t hurt and this will be the last one – tomorrow will be different” recurring delusional failing.

For example: the night before last I ate two small pizzas for “dinner.” Not two pieces of pizza – TWO SMALL PIZZAS. I was doing alright until I got home from work and after a half hour of deliberating and telling myself not to give in, I just said “fuck it” and picked up the phone to call Panago.

So my new strategy is blogging about my resolve, weaknesses and ultimate objective (okay maybe not ultimate but nigh-ultimate):

By December 20 I want to get back down to 179 lbs.

I don’t actually know what my current weight is. Since I don’t have a scale I can only check when I’m in my friends’ respective bathrooms. But last time I checked I was in between 196-199. So I think at the most that’s 20 lbs.

So that means goodbye pizza, sandwiches, cookies, butter chicken, shawarmas, bubble tea, candy, and chocolate (this is going to be hard since I’m working for Kelly “Bad Girl Chocolates” to help her prepare for the Hexmas season).

Hello broccoli, celery, pickles, Coke Zero and soup.

Stay tuned for exhilarating progress reports!

2 Replies to “40 Days to Lose 20 Pounds”

  1. Madness. Toren you could do this, but it wouldn’t be healthy. What? Are you trying to impress a pretty girl? Chill it. Set your goal a little lower and maybe do some regular exercise. Diet will only take you so far. Hit a gym twice, three times a week and the weight will stay off.
    Jeez man, if you could drink real coffee you wouldn’t need all this food stuff…

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