A Quick Visual…

Tonight when I should have been drawing I went to see the SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival at the VanCity Theater. There was a lot of CG masturbation, including car ads and the like, but there was some good creative and thoughtful stuff hidden in-between the soulless eye candy, such as Fat Chance, Dynamo, Cafard, Video 3000, and to a lesser extent, Codehunters.

My ticket paid for both shows, but I didn’t stay for the 9:00. It seems that the luxurious chairs that they have are far less comfortable than they look. The back headrest is too big and pushes your head forward making your neck and shoulders hurt. These are the biggest theater chairs I’ve ever seen. I think if they made them a little smaller they’d probably be able to fit another 25-50 people in the theater!


The Rio is still the reigning champion of theaters in Vancouver. I only wish they were playing Stardust for another week. Now they’re playing 3:10 to Yuma.

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