New Digs

So my new place is pretty much “gamer ready.” It seats 5 comfortably. It’s not as cramped as I thought it would be. I’ve combined my previously separate drawing and my computing areas into one and it seems to be working.

Cool things about the new place:

-Ground floor, meaning that Kodos can go outside, although so far he’s only gone about 10 feet out. I guess this means I’m going to need to take him to get his shots since hopefully he’ll be out there interacting with other creatures of the night. The day he’s weened from the litter box will be marked on the calendar in glittery orange gel pen.
-Being on the ground floor also means it’s slightly easier to get in and out with my bike.
-Laundry is included in the rent, and it’s just across the hall.
-The neighborhood is swanky and tree-filled.
-Lots of spiders.

Bad things about the new place:

-Hooking up cable, internet, phone has been a huge hassle. This is ironic because the reason I took this place is that it seemed like the least amount of hassle.
-The bathroom is separate from the suite, which means if I have to go pee in the middle of the night, I have to find my robe and the key to the bathroom.
-It’s about $200 more a month than my last place.
-No corner store. This is both a bad and a good thing. It means I have to get more exercise to get my junk food, as I’m now riding my bike to the Safeway on King Edward and Oak St. But getting across Granville anywhere south of 14th Ave is pretty stressful. The intersections at 16th and at 25th are not bike friendly, and while there is a crosswalk at Balfour, cars along Granville are not inclined to stop for anything except a deep scarlet light.
-I’m no longer 2 blocks from my work. See above.
-The landlord is senile. This may actually be a good thing if she forgets to collect the rent.
-Lots of spiders…near my bed.