The Mother of All Birthday Auctions

Don’t forget that the big fat birthday auction is on Sunday at 5pm at my place. THIS IS GOING TO BE THE BIGGEST AUCTION EVER thanks to the eviction! Looking at the pile I see DVDs, CDs, books, magazines, video games, board games, roleplaying games, clothing, audio cassettes, VHS tapes (and more VHS tapes!), electronics, cameras, computer hardware, posters, furniture, models, toys, phones, kitchenware, camping gear, a didgeridoo, and much more! AND THAT’S JUST THE STUFF FROM ME AND STEWIE!

apt 302, 1015 West 13th Ave (corner of Oak St)
Bring your friends!

Toren’s Birthday Auction FAQ:

Q. What the hell is that?
A: Since you asked so nicely, I’ll tell you:

What I’ve done for previous birthdays is instead of having a regular, boring, predictable birthday party where people bring “gifts” for the birthday boy, what happens is I, and everyone who attends, can bring (donate) whatever they have around the house* that they want to get rid of, and we auction it off. All of the cash that is raised goes to me me me.

You get rid of your old eyesores
We have an auction chock full of hilarity and shenanigans
You get some new eyesores
I get a pile of cash

After the auction (and before, really) comes food, drink and socializing. So bring a friend or two, bring some coins or a checkbook, and bring your old junk: books, CDs, knickknacks, action figures, comic books, gewgaws, baubles, bric-a-brac, objet d’art, white elephants, bagatelles, curios, trifles, whatnots, toiletries and trains…

Don’t bring anything that you don’t literally want to give away because things you might expect to go for a lot might only bring in a nickel. Money’s not really the point.

Q: Are you really being evicted?
A: Yes. Yes I am. So is everyone in the building due to “extensive renovations.” Because of this, I’m getting rid of more stuff than usual, including DVDs, books and gaming stuff.

*The management reserves the right to NOT auction something off that you bring (because I want it).