Sorry for the radio silence

As you can imagine it’s been a hectic week with moving, my birthday auction, a rock show coming up, plus Stargate stuff, so I’ve been neglecting this blog. But come back on Sunday, if I can get my internet hooked up at the new place I’ll be posting new and vivacious updates. And if I can’t get the internet hooked up, then I’m pooched.

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  1. Thank you so much for your blog update on your Stargate Atlantis acting experience.

    Looking forward to catching your appearance in “Midway,” Toren.

    According to GateWorld, “Midway” is tentatively scheduled to air in the US on Feb. 1:

    Season Four airs in Canada on Oct. 1 on The Movie Network, if The Movie Network keeps to a “similar” schedule, perhaps Midway will air in Canada on Feb. 4th, 2008.

    Christopher Judge (Teal’c) guest stars in this episode. Was he on set the two days you were there? And were you introduced to anyone in the main cast (Joe, David, Rachel, Jason, Amanda…)? If so, any annecdotes?

    Best wishes!


  2. Yes Mr Judge was on set on the Monday, but I didn’t meet or speak with him. I mostly interacted with the supporting cast members whose appearances on the series were irregular (Bill Dow and Ben Cotton) – but not as irregular as mine!

    And thanks for the scheduling links, that’s good news!

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