Help me move, maybe?

Okay so here’s the deal with me moving:

I am moving some stuff (mostly small stuff) tomorrow (Saturday the 18th) and the bigger stuff during the day on Saturday the 25th. Right now I’m just going to address tomorrow’s move.

I’m dividing the moving into shifts:

SHIFT 1: 11:30am

Shawn & Carina ‘n’ Tim are coming over at 11:30 am with 2 vehicles. So we’ll have vehicles but may be short on manpower. If you want to come help lug boxes, etc, down stairs your muscles would be very much appreciated.

SHIFT 2: 1pm

Carina ‘n’ Tim will probably be gone by now. Shawn may still be around with his SUV. Depending on how things have been going, I’ll be making some phone calls. If you’re available for shift 2 let me know and I’ll call you some time around 12:30pm to let you know the situation. Vehicles will be needed if this shift happens.

SHIFT 3: 4pm

There are a couple vehicles that are only available around this time, i.e. Chris Geisel & Stephane. Again, there’s the possibility that we’ll have moved everything that I have ready to move by this time, but I will be making calls to confirm. If I still need help by this time, I’ll need arms more than wheels, but if you have both, bravo! Let me know if you’re available for this shift and I’ll call you around 3pm.

As for the 25th, Mr Woods will be coming in with his big old truck in the morning and we’ll need arms to move the bigger things. If you are available then please let me know!


home: 604-737-4283
cell: 778-558-8590 (use home number first please)
old address: 1015 W 13th Ave, buzz 302 (corner of Oak & 13th)
new address: 3890 Alexandra st (basement), corner of Alexandra and Laurier Ave, one block northwest of Granville and King Edward (25th Ave)