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Again, rough draft:





Better or worse than the nightgaunt concept?

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  1. Seconded. then again, you know how much of a whore I am for ‘Thickets merchandise.. 🙂

  2. The two designs fulfill different aesthetics. I wouldn’t compare them. If you had to decide on one of them to print, I’d print the Yithian design simply because it is larger, more visible, and fulfills more of the visual qualities which folks want in a fan t-shirt. The Nightgaunt design is really cool, too, but from a purely objective standpoint, is less desirable as a t-shirt design simply because it takes up less space on the shirt.

    Now if only one could silk screen AROUND the shirt so one had a nightgaunt on the front, with the banner trailing to the back of the shirt where the band name would be visible… but I believe that is beyond standard silkscreen technology.

  3. I like the Night Gaunt one better. The Yithian looks too much like hand-puppets.

    Quit making fun of my onion! It’s medicinal.

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