Just for Thickets Fans

Okay I have been thinking about biting the bullet and doing some silk screened Thickets shirts, so that the fans can finally get some black shirts. Here is my first pass at a design, very rough. Basically the idea is a nightgaunt trailing a tattered banner. The design could be chest, or could be on the bottom of the shirt, which seems to be the style of the time, along with wearing an onion on your belt.






3 Replies to “Just for Thickets Fans”

  1. If I had to pick one of the two, I’d say I like the other one better. I’m more of a traditionalist center-of-the-shirt kinda guy.

  2. I like it on the bottom.
    This design looks a it more “gothic” and grown up.
    The newer one, more simplistic and primal.

    Wrapping around the side is not practical, but could be.
    I’ll send you a photo of my new favourite t-shirt.

    Two cents.


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