Welcome to Planet Cthulhu

Third time’s the harm!


Does this change your voting?

7 Replies to “Welcome to Planet Cthulhu”

  1. This one is good, and the first one, when screened lower on the shirt, is also excellent. What it is isn’t as pop-out-at-you as this new one, but the design coming from the bottom of the shirt balances it out a bit.

  2. Wayne says:
    My wife likes this one best, but I still prefer the Yithian and I’m the one who wants the shirt.
    So I vote Great Race!

    Dr Frank says:
    Way into the Planet Cthulhu design, as it’s a bit busier.
    Anyway, that’s m’vote.

    Wendy says:
    Damn, I didn’t think you could beat the Yithian, but you did. I vote for Planet Cthulhu.

    Chris K says:
    I prefer the yithian, but only by a few percentage points, the planet Cthulhu
    one rocks.

    Fallorn says:
    My Personal Favorite of the 3 shown (yith, nightgaunt, and planet
    cthulhu) is the low nightgaunt in green on black. Very…
    threadless-esque. Though they are all excellent.
    I wouldn’t mind it if the nightgaunt was a bit (maybe 20%) bigger though.

    Rudi says (in response to the thought that I may abandon the nightgaunt design):
    The Greater Race of Yith design was pretty decent. I’m
    not all that keen on Planet Cthulhu, though. Besides,
    you’ve already got a few Star-Spawn based designs
    already, time to give some of the other Mythos
    critters some luv!

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