The New Album is Officially Released (Tooting My Own Horn)

It’s on and everything. It’s worldwide! Go get it!
iTunes,, eBay, etc etc!

And, if you have heard it, feel free to review it on the amazon by clicking [here]
Add it to your wedding registry! I DARE YOU.

And if you’re wondering whether it’s worth picking up, let me show you some of the feedback I’ve got so far:

I received my order today. If you could hand out high fives to the rest of the band, then stand in front of the mirror and give yourself one, I’d be grateful. You guys have really outdone yourself with this album.

Wowsers! Very pleased with the new album! It rocks in a new and old skool thickety way…and worth the wait! Fave track…#7 [Cultists On Board]… and Nyarlathotep. But they’re ALL fab. I’ve found myself humming and whistling away all day in a thickety way… And kudos on your a capella track. Love it. Your voice is improving…less strain is evident…sounds nearly effortless.

I just have to say again how much I love the new album. Awesome stuff. Also, Alannah thinks any song that includes the lyrics “You can publish your [findings] in a peer-reviewed journal” to be the greatest song ever written.

Brilliant. Do you guys have tabs? I want to learn to play it.

SOOT rocks! Very funny to hear songs name dropping the Royal New Zealand Navy and the University of Auckland. This album is definately more guitar oriented (I call it “Happy Metal”) than previous albums. Would this be the influence of Mario on the song writing process? “Nyarlathotep”: Wow. Toren I recall something from your blog about the Nyarlathotep lyrics being actual Egyption. Is this correct? Any chance you could post the lyrics (translated or not). Thanks again Castewar and thank you Toren and band for some new good music!

“Duuuuuuuuude. I just listened to the CD in the car. AWESOME. Man – you guys rock! It must have been so much fun to make! AND I got locked in the mess. Sweeeeeet.”

The new CD f*ckin’ kicks ass, guys! It was worth the wait, but don’t take so long to give us the next one!
Cthulhu lives!

Awesome new album guys!
“Some Things Man Was Not Meant to Know” is in the running for my new favorite TDotHT song

(this last one was from Kat Bolstad, who is Dr Steve “giant squid” O’Shea’s assistant. She and Steve are both killed in the song “Cultists on Board.”)

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  1. I don’t see it on iTunes, neither the Canadian or American storefronts. Was it there and now it’s gone?

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