Sketches of Funny Animals

Tonight I went to the Vancouver Comic Jam at the Jolly Alderman and practiced my funny animals. At the last ComiCon I bought a small stack of comics like Supergoof and Donald Duck, and in the stack was Disney’s Robin Hood – you know like the movie with the fox as Robin Hood. Of all the comics in this vein that I picked up, this one is the best, clearly. Lots of different animal characters and well drawn. I’ll have to try to track down some more of these. The first two characters are a couple of unsavory scoundrel types, a hyena and a croc, and the last is the lion, Prince John, who I totally missed when I was trying to think about lion characters (see and I modified the design to give him some top mane instead of the crown, and gave him a jacket instead of the robe. I think the design is a winner and my final will probably be closer to this than anything previous.


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  1. I had an illustrated version of that story when I was a kid, and loved it. I probably still have it somewhere, and I’ll try to get my parents to send it out.

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