Movies: Do and Do Nots

I’m going to quickly go through some movies that you could, if you wanted to, go and see in the theaters right now, and whether or not that would be a mistake.

Pirates of the Caribbean: mistake
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer: big mistake
28 Weeks Later: not a mistake
Hot Fuzz: not a mistake
Paris, J’taime: not a mistake
Spider-Man 3: mistake
Sharkwater: not a mistake

Paprika: hopefully definitely not a mistake
Pierrepoint: The Last Hangman: hopefully not a mistake

Sicko, Michael Moore’s new flick about the US health system, should be opening very soon.

7 Replies to “Movies: Do and Do Nots”

  1. Sharkwater! What is this? Are there sharks in it, or is it some kind of modern movie where the title has nothing to do with the film? Because if there are sharks in it I’m totally going.

  2. There ARE sharks in it. Lots of ’em! Playing at the Denman Discount Theater. CHECK IT

  3. Thanks I normally wait for movies to come on DVD as I have been disappointed in all the movies I have seen in theaters lately, with the exception of Casino Royale.

    I wanted to see 28 Weeks Later but was not sure and I am hoping Pierrepoint is worth seeing.

  4. I’m looking out for you guys!
    I would say that 28 Weeks was almost as good as 28 Days. Despite what Joe says.

  5. I would like to point out a typo – you accidentally inverted your recommendations for Fantastic Four and 28 Weeks Later. Don’t knock yourself over it – It’s an easy mistake to make.

  6. You didn’t like 28 Weeks Later, Mr Stewart? Did it not have something that the first one did?

  7. An ending. It started good and then turned into the zombie version of Jaws 4, where the mindless killing machine operates counter to what’s typical and tracks a family. Not what I was expecting and didn’t tickle me much. At this point, I’m just hanging on until Fido is on DVD or the next Romero is completed.

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