Vancouver Comic Jam Is Not Work Safe

Every month there is a “Vancouver Comic Jam.” Robin, Brian, Ed, and many others get together to draw comics and drink beer at the Jolly Alderman. This month will be the last one at the JA as it’s shutting down – I feel bad for all of the businesses along Cambie Street who are struggling due to RAV construction. And they said the Olympics would be GOOD for business. Only if you can survive 4 years of barely any. So next month we’re trying to find another good place – let me know if you have a suggestion.

Anyway, what happens at these jams, typically, is collective comic creation. One person will do the first panel of a comic and then pass it along to somebody else. Last night Robin brought photocopied pages where the panel sizes and captions were already laid out. It is interesting to see how everyone interpreted these parameters [see link here]. Here’s mine: