4 Replies to “Me on the Mountain”

  1. You hiked up the Squamish Chief in a sweater and a collared button down shirt?

    You need to hit MEC dude. 😉

  2. I put the sweater on at the top. The shirt, pants and Converse I had worked fine. Except the Cons were a little slippery at times.
    I don’t like Mountain Equipment Co-op. Everything is ugly.

  3. They have awesome organic cotton t-shirts for $12 each. You can’t go wrong with a $12 t-shirt and the cotton is pretty thick too. And it’s organic.

    Cotton is the second most sprayed crop behind coffee.

    The Converse were definitely not a good idea. 🙂 The soles are too smooth … you’re lucky you didn’t slip and knock out a couple of teeth.

    Of course, other than footwear, the main credo is to just be warm and comfortable. Jeans are generally a bad idea, so hopefully you weren’t wearing those. A loose, light cotton pant is a good idea. Baggy cargo pants would work well. Or just shorts.

  4. I should have added “… the main credo is to just be warm and comfortable, so whereas the sweater and button down shirt look a little out place on a day hike, if you were comfortable in them, then you were wearing the right thing.”

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