Star Wars Clone Wars CG Series

toaststarwars.jpgThe annual Star Wars convention “Star Wars Celebration” is wrapping up today and I gather they have showed some trailers for the upcoming Clone Wars CGI TV series. There is a clip of George Lucas talking about it on but I’m not going to make you listen to it just by dropping some [link] like a lazy blogger. No! You can come to expect more at Toren’s Absolute Blog. He says that the Cartoon Network 2D animation series was a ‘test’ for this new ‘big budget’ series which will be more like the movie (“Attack of the Clones” presumably). Because it’s episodic they don’t have to deal with the Skywalker story, It’s more a bunch of various adventures, and they can do some more “oddball” things with “smartass comedy with contemporary humour – not Saturday morning at all.” They’re bringing in new characters, and they have one episode with nothing but clone warriors, and one just about Kitt Fisto.

Oh, I just found the trailer. I can’t post it here so you’ll have to go away. [Link:] I’m glad to see they included one of the more interesting characters from the 2D cartoon – the bald, Tim-Burtonesque female Sith.

And the live action series is still a few years away.