Rockonomics: Pre-release stuff

Today I picked up the new Shadow Out of Tim stickers and they look great (above right). On my way back I stopped in at Divine Industries and Allen gave me some cards of the new album (also pictured above). We got 100 of these cards which basically you use to download the songs from the new album. It’s a bit experimental but we think there is a market for them. They’re cheaper than buying the album, but you don’t get all the packaging. I myself have always been a packaging guy (for my favourite bands, at least) but I can understand the other side. So we’re interested in ways of making them fly. The band is releasing the album worldwide on the 21st of June, and having the fan appreciation week starting on the 14th, but maybe we’ll make these available to the hardcore fans earlier than that still. Like tomorrow or something. The cards are also vaguely collectible. It will be an interesting experiment, and we may do more cards for the back catalog.

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  1. Heck, I’ll take a card, AND a cd 🙂
    That way, I can enjoy the album while the CD is winging it’s way across the ocean to me. Provided we can work out some kind of Electronic delivery of the code type thing, of course.

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